About KEMPERS 365

Camper 365 was born out of a great love for travel, a desire to explore the world and enjoy its beauty with the people closest to you - your family.

By developing the camping culture in Lithuania, we want to attract people to this unconventional but rapidly gaining popular way of travelling. Travelling by car and staying in a hotel may sound tempting, but we believe that only by travelling with a campervan can you feel the true spirit of travel, take the risk of deviating from the plan, spend the night in unique places, and pay attention to the little things that are rarely noticed on a normal trip.

Although we started with just one campervan, in less than a year we can already offer a choice of more than 15 vehicles, depending on your wishes and experience.

We care about the journey of each one of you, that's why we will advise, help and tell you, so that the experience with your loved ones will be the warmest and most memorable.

Let's go on an adventure together!

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