Escape the everyday with a Twin camper van

Meet the award-winning ADRIA TWIN AXSESS 640 SL. High quality and extremely practical, with a comfortable layout. Experience innovative features such as SunRoof and cabin-loft open-plan design. Forget the everyday and embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Twin campervan. Immerse yourself in a world where comfort and convenience meet quality. The award-winning Twin campervans are designed to enhance your travel experience, offering an oasis of calm amidst the ever-changing landscapes you'll encounter.


Adria Twin Axess 640 SL - with automatic gearbox

If you are looking for a comfortable and safe campervan that will allow you to enjoy your trips all year round, the Adria TWIN AXSESS 640 SL campervan is the perfect choice. We have a campervan with this configuration on site!

Payment methods:

Purchase with own funds

61 721 € + VAT

Lease Purchase

from 807 € / month

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Technical parameters

Internal height (mm) 1900

Overall height (mm) 2580

Body length (mm) 6363

Overall width (mm) 2050

Wheelbase (mm) 4035

Number of seats including driver's seat 4

Maximum permissible weight (kg) 3500

Mass in running order (MRO, kg) 2861/2865

Maximum towing weight (kg) 2500


141 hp (104 kW)
Euro 6
1 500 km
Clean water tank - 85 l
Waste water tank - 85 l
  •  FIAT engine, 140 Ag, automatic
     Digital speedometer
  •  Winter-ready camper - heated and insulated sewage tank
  • Adaptive climate control
  •  Line support
  • Rainfall sensor
  • Automatic climate control system
  • Electric parking brake
  •  Rear and front mudguards
  • 16" alloy wheels
  •  Fully digital cluster 7 inches
  •  Leather steering wheel and gear lever knob
  • Electrically operated folding mirrors
  • Radio controls on the steering wheel - without radio receiver
  •  Fuel tank 90 l
  • Traction +
  • Headlights with LED daytime running lights Blind spot assist system
  • Heating TRUMA COMBI 4E
  •  Thermal curtains for front and side cab windows
  •  Truma gas filter

Designed for life

"The Adria TWIN AXESS 640 SL is designed for a life where details matter and every centimetre has meaning. With decades of experience, the knowledge of layout and construction, where everything is in its place, allows every Adria camper to provide a special living space. where you can experience the harmonious blend of functionality and comfort when travelling in this campervan. Travelling with Adria is not just about travelling, it's about living in comfort and discovering the world.


Length, mm:

Compact and comfortable camper for two

You can make an enquiry to buy or rent:

The Adria Twin Axess 640SL is the perfect choice for those looking for a compact and comfortable camping for two. It offers everything you need for a comfortable trip, including:

  • Spacious living room with sofa, dining table and kitchen
  • Separate bedroom with double bed
  • Bathroom with shower, toilet and sink
  • High-quality materials and elegant design
  • Spacious luggage compartment

Adria campervans: comfortable and safe for year-round travel

You can make an enquiry to buy or rent:

Adria campervans are for those looking for comfortable and safe accommodation for year-round travel. They are made of high quality materials and come with a wide range of features to ensure comfort and safety in all weather conditions.

Tested in the ADRIA climate chamber at -25 to +60 degrees and 45 % to 80 % humidity at +30 to +60 degrees.

"Adria motorhomes are designed to be reliable and safe. They are carefully designed, built and tested to ensure that all your needs are taken into account. "Adria motorhomes are made from high quality materials and come with a 7-year warranty against water ingress.

Here is a brief description of each function:

1. The smart Adria airflow system ensures that every car has integrated airflow and ventilation to avoid cold spots.

2. "Adria offers a range of heating options including gas, diesel and Alde. There is also a heated and insulated waste water tank.

3. "Adria manufactures its cabinets integrated with heating and airflow to ensure optimal thermal efficiency. Inside, there are excellent storage solutions.

4. "Adria's Thermo-Build standards for insulation and airflow management are built using advanced insulation materials, the best heating design and airflow to ensure controlled comfort all year round.

5. "Adria motorhomes have a sturdy, robust shell construction with a 7-year water penetration guarantee.

6. "The Adria campervans are designed with a seamless integration of interior spaces. They have modern interiors and Adria's signature features.

7. "The Adria campervans feature modern living areas that are optimised in terms of space and functionality to ensure comfortable living and a homely atmosphere.

8. "Adria motorhomes are equipped with framed windows, soft-closing doors and a sunroof (depending on the model) for optimal lighting, ventilation, privacy and security.

9. "Adria campervans fit perfectly with the base vehicle. You can choose between Fiat and Citroen, depending on the model you choose. They have the latest Euro6 engines and a range of driver and safety aids

Adria campervans offer a range of climate control options, including air conditioning and heating, to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

 Adria's integrated airflow system ensures proper ventilation and air circulation, preventing moisture build-up and maintaining a pleasant indoor environment.

Heating by Truma, Alde or Webasto, depending on the model. Precisely designed and tested in a cold chamber.

The Fiat Ducato offers the latest design, performance and features available on Twins and Twin Sports models.

Powerful and efficient 2.2-litre Multijet 3 (Euro 6.d Final) engines with 120 hp,

Tested in extreme conditions
Tested in a climate chamber at -25 to +60 degrees and 45 % to 80 % humidity at +30 to +60 degrees.
Functionality in real-life conditions
Fiat Ducato
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We will make you a personalised offer that meets your wishes and needs

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